This week marks the end of the Standard Process Purification Program. We only had a few causalities, but they will resume in January with the next group. I really don’t give anyone a chance for an excuse to not do the program. And the participants who tried to excuse themselves from the program were grateful for the push to continue and finish. It gives me so much joy to watch the growth of the group as they successfully complete each week. Many had no clue how dangerous sugar and trans fats are to the body or how to even determine that these substances were in the foods they previously had been consuming. Those “ah-ha” moments are fun to watch as a teacher. And as Maya Angelou said, “When you know better, you have to do better”. Each week information was given to create health and wellness for the future of each participant. I feel it is an important approach to their success.

As chiropractic physicians, we are really the pioneers for nutrition.  We understand that most chronic disease has a root problem.  We are already in the position to promote wellness and good health thru eating foods that are nutrition rich and fiber dense.  The Standard Process Purification Program is the perfect opportunity to present this concept to patients.  This 21 day program helps to make the one degree of change that will affect each participant for the rest of his/her life.  More importantly the affect spreads to their families, friends and co-workers.  I have overheard the discussion of many of the participants in the waiting room of my office, sharing their new found knowledge and recommending the Purification Program to unsuspecting patients.  And the tales told by others about how they cleaned out the refrigerator of all High Fructose Corn Syrup products, engaging the whole family into making a change.  Still others, who were initially shocked about how much sugar is in the foods in their cabinets at home, drastically ridding their homes of sugar laden products.

I always ask participants to tell me what their “one degree of change” will be or how the program affected them for the future.  It makes my heart all warm and fuzzy when they tell me what those things are and how life changing the program was for them.  It fulfills my mission statement of getting my patients well and keeping them healthy.

Patient C

Week Four of My Journey

There was a bittersweet energy as we gathered for our last weigh-in and meeting.  I was excited about all my accomplishments, yet sad that I wouldn’t have the weekly accountability or community.  My final result for the twenty-one days was a nine pound loss and a three percent decrease in my body fat.  But my biggest accomplishment was giving up coffee.  I never thought I would be able to or would even want to.  Remember, I enjoyed coffee so much, I drank it black.  I would even go as far as to say I had an addiction. It feels great to be free of it, not to mention the side effects of sound sleep and morning energy!

During this class we learned how to transition properly into our new norm.  We learned the order of how to re-introduce items such as grains, dairy, and nuts into our diets.  Dr. B explained to us the difference between an allergic reaction and intolerance.  Which I got to experience personally when I decided to eat grains, as I had an immediate reaction.  I always knew that I didn’t really want to eat grains, but now that my body is clean I am clear as to why I don’t want to.

We also discussed the importance of supplemental support post-detox.  What to take, where to get it, and why.  Most over-the- counter vitamins and supplements are fractionated, contain synthetic ingredients, and a lot of fish oil supplements are rancid.

We learned many things over the 21 days, but the most important lessons I learned are that I am stronger than I thought, that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to, and things aren’t as hard as they sometimes appear.  At the time I agreed to participate in this program, I was in the middle of a life crisis and depressed.  I kept coming up with reasons not to do the program and Dr. B stood firm that as “exactly why I needed it.”  Although I couldn’t see it on day one, I can now tell you she was exactly right!  My depression has lifted, my thoughts are clear, I have more energy, and for the first time in years I am excited about life!  Thank you Dr. B for not only helping me get my life back, but get the one I’ve  dreamed of – a healthy lifestyle that has me in integrity with my  life purpose.

Here are some testimonials from this group that you have followed:

Who knew processed food and regular decaf coffee and diet soft drinks were so bad? I had even been following a diet given to patients at a nationwide medical weight loss center! Dr. B. read over their diet plan and saw it was mostly food that turned quickly into sugar with only a small bit of protein. With just 21 days on Standard Process Detox I got a healthier body and mind. I don't stress eat junk food. People notice I look thinner which is also way cool. Sipping red wine during dinner instead of guzzling huge glasses of ice water during my evening meal is a real treat.


I did this as a reboot... I was doing well ,eating healthy ,and exercising on a regular basis for quite awhile and then I just feel off the wagon may of this year and instantly I began to feel tired all the time and just felt like crap and eating very unhealthy so when I heard about this detox/cleanse it was boost/kick in the butt I needed to get back on track... I experienced more energy weight loss and what was a great bonus for me clearer skin ... I had my doubt's at first but so glad I did this!!!


As a direct result of the liver purification program, I am sleeping better than I have slept in years! No melatonin needed anymore. Sleeping better has led to me an overall sense of feeling better.
I had no idea the "healthy" food I was eating was making me so bloated until those foods were removed during the program. My husband and I plan on keeping to the recommended foods after the program is complete....with the "occasional" added treat of course. We miss pizza and pasta but have found very creative and delicious ways to substitute vegetables for the starchy parts.
Our new BFF - "The Spiralizer"!
I am VERY HAPPY to report we have both lost over 7 pound as the "side effect". We plan on doing this cleanse twice a year. I knew my body could feel better, I just wasn't sure what it needed. With the help of Baystreet Wellness, we now have a complete plan....and it's working!! Thank you Dr. B for sharing your knowledge. A 1% change really does make a difference!

A. & D.R.

The detox program was definitely a success for me! Not only do I feel more energy, I lost 8 pounds that I have been trying to shed for over a half of year. I started on the new vitamin supplement today and feel great!! Love that is all natural! Thank you for the new nutrition information. I learned so much and want to continue learning for myself, family and patients!!

DR. K.S.

Well, it's the last day of my 21 day detox. I did it. I can't believe I did it! I wasn't perfect, but I did really well. I lost 10 pounds and feel really good. I feel lighter, healthier. I can wear clothes that i haven't worn in a long time. I learned a lot about eating healthier and Scott and I have been more invested in what we eat and when. Due to our weight loss and how good we feel, we are both motivated to keep up with our new healthier eating habits. It wasn't always easy. There were times when I wanted a Mellow Mushroom Pizza really BAD. Surprisingly, it wasn't the sugar that I craved (which I always thought I was addicted to) as much as the snack foods like salsa and chips, guacamole and chips, mixed nuts. Oh, and the ice cream. I really, really wanted some Ben & Jerry's - BAD. We can't wait to have a glass of wine. And I look forward to having some of those foods that I love, but now I have really healthy recipes, thanks to Dr. Besuden, that I can make myself with fresh, organic ingredients. I know now how satisfying a meal with just vegetables can be. In the beginning, I thought taking so many capsules a day was going to be awful, but it really wasn't. We just got used to it. I also felt I had a lot of support from Dr. Besuden between the classes and the Facebook pages, and being able to contact her via email. I'm really glad I did it


You have had the chance to experience the Standard Process Purification Program through many of my participants.  January is just around the corner… Be clean in 2015!

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