The butterflies are popping out of chrysalises, right and left!  We have a finial that sets on top of the half wall in our courtyard.  I was standing and observing the wall, of course, counting the number of chrysalises, when I looked at the finial.  To my amazement and joy, two caterpillars had formed chrysalises on the edge of the finial and a third was in transition. It looks like earrings from the backside of a Buddha statute.  Speaking of, Buddha, did you know the Buddha is recognized as a symbol of peace of mind. Some psychotherapists and alternative healers place statues of the Buddha in their lobbies and waiting rooms to encourage an atmosphere of well-being and calm. A glimpse of the sublime Buddha, with his eyes gently closed and his lips curved into a subtle smile, may provide inspiration to deepen your own practice of inner peace.  And so continues my practice of helping you create your One Degree of Change for inner change.

#7 Eat at a raw or vegan restaurant once a month.

We are very fortunate in the Winter Park area to have several restaurants within walking distance from our WP office. The two restaurants that are closest to us are Ethos Vegan Kitchen and Café 118. Both offer amazing food.  The other thing that makes me love these restaurants is they are socially responsible business and they are environmentally aware.  They source local organic produce and use vendors that honor the same principals.  The food is creative and beautiful in presentation.

In the Golden Triangle area which is the location of our Eustis office, we also have two choices.  In downtown Mount Dora, my personal favorite for date night, we have Vitality Bistro.  They put a twist on old favorites.  The food is very tasty and I love the energy in the restaurant.  The chefs are passionate about what they prepare.  They also offer classes on how to make some of their recipes.  I think that is so special that they share their expertise.  My other favorite place is in Leesburg.  Living Green Health Foods is a retro kind of place.  They recently moved from downtown Tavares to a new location in Leesburg, right on the main drag.  This is a friendly, feel at home venue.  The food is delicious and it is a great place to pick up your organic supplies.  I love to stop in for a Living Green Smoothie with a scoop of protein, my kind of “fast food”!  Their menu is limited, but the taste is huge.

The thing that I love about all of these restaurants is the owners are just like you and me.  They are passionate about their foods, they support local vendors and they source local produce for their menu items.  I know that the prices maybe slightly higher than going to a big box restaurant, but these people are providing a unique gift to our towns and to our lives.  A gift of health and vitality, literally feeding our souls with foods that are nutrition rich and fiber dense, just the way it should be.  You won’t find that at any big box restaurant.  So, pick a restaurant listed above, plan a date night and support a local business.  It does a body good!

The newest addition!

Another special treat today!  She hatched!  She is drying her wings gently before she takes her first flight.  I watched her fan her wings, slowly and meticulously, not only to dry them, but to unfold and strengthen them. Then in a moment of time, she was fluttering randomly about, trying out her new wings.  She paused on rock, fanned her wings in the sunlight a dozen times, gave a gentle bow and she was off into the wild, blue yonder!  What an extraordinary gift!

Your One Degree challenge: Spread your wings and plan your date night at a local restaurant that actually feeds you!

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