The babies have hatched!  Within 24-36 hours they are ready to jump and swim of into the wild, Lake Harris yonder.  In 50-60 days they will be ready to fly.  And to think it takes humans more than 18 years (these days 36 years) to leave the nest!  So momma duck checks the surroundings for safety.  If she spots a hawk or a gator, the mission is aborted.  If anyone goes near the nest, she immediately exits and creates a commotion in the water as if she is injured, to distract the potential predators.

This morning, momma duck went into the nest to check on the ducklings.  Now she is sitting on top of the box and poking her head into the nest, calling to the babies.  Even daddy duck is standing by for extra support.  Momma jumps into the water below the nest and begins calling to the hatchlings.  The ducks are shy and protective of the babies.  If I even opened the sliding glass door, they disappear.  So I watched until the last possible moment before leaving for work. But no jumpers. 🙁

One Degree of Change #22:
Eat Grass Fed, Organic Butter!

Yes, real butter.  The real stuff your grandmother enjoyed and didn’t have to take a statin to lower her cholesterol.  First, let’s have a refresher on how butter is made.  Cow’s milk is separated into milk and cream. Butter is made from churning this cream until the fat globules stick together and separate from a thin liquid called buttermilk. In the

US, commercial butter must be at least 80% fat. The rest is generally water, milk solids and salt.  Basic butter quality is determined by freshness, fat content (higher fat means a richer product) and salt levels. Salting both flavors and preserves butter, helping it to last up to several months longer than unsalted butter. The longer shelf life of salted butter is both a blessing and a curse. Added salt means your butter in the fridge or on the counter stays fresh longer, but also means the store can sell you older butter, and the butter manufacturer can use older cream to make the butter.

What are the benefits of “real” grass fed, organic butter?  Here are your 10 reasons why you should be eating butter and not something that you cannot believe is butter!

  1. One of the richest sources of vitamin K2 which is known to prevent arterial calcification
  2. Loads of natural vitamin A, D, and E that really will boost your immune system
  3. Supports cellular function
  4. Rich in Selenium and Iodine
  5. Ushers calcium out of the blood stream and into the bones
  6. Contains great antimicrobial properties
  7. Stimulates muscle growth, while preventing weight gain
  8. Contains Butyric acid, a short chain fatty acid, that can inhibit tumor growth
  9. Contains short & medium chain fatty acids which are not stored as fat, but used as energy
  10. Loaded with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which inhibits cancer cell growth in skin, colon, breasts and lungs

To make your One Degree of Change, you have 5 steps.

  1. Go into your refrigerator and pull out all that stuff that makes you believe it is butter, margarine and other associated products.
  2. Throw it out (remember to recycle your containers) 🙂
  3. Go to your local farmer’s market, health food store or grocery and start reading labels. Only ingredients should be organic raw cream and maybe salt.
  4. Look at all local grass fed organic salted butter.
  5. Now pick one!  If you don’t have a local source, pick the next best thing.  We use Organic Valley Salted Butter.

Even the ants know the benefits
of eating real butter!

I will have to take another blog to explain the evils of trans fats acids.  I have a quick video that gives the dangers of those TFA’s.  I will post the article on my website:,. If you know better, you have to do better! (Thanks, Maya Angelou)

Remember, Butter is Better!

As for butter vs. margarine, I trust cows more than chemists.

Joan Dye Gussow

Side noteOkay, just to let you know, I checked the nest this evening.  The nest is empty! There are a few eggs that didn’t hatch, but all the hatchlings have made the jump!  I missed the actual event, but there is always next year!

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