I have been sitting outside reading this morning with the background entertainment of two Whistling ducks.  I have taken the last two months to review and ponder my “One Degree of Change” blog.  I have read through each one.  The information is very easy to do, or not to do.  Everyone I speak to comments that it is so hard to make a change.  It really isn’t.  It is only a matter of taking the simple, mundane tasks in life and applying them.   Eating that one bad thing everyday, doesn’t change your health today or tomorrow, but over a long period of time.  Maybe if you had a sudden life threatening heart attack after eating that “bad thing”, it would make you change, because your life depended on it.  It is those little, tiny changes that you make each and every day that affect your health, your wealth, your relationships and your planet.  After reviewing the last 25 degrees of change, I have selected the Top Ten Degrees of Change.  These are the most read and commented on blogs from this past six months that I have been writing this blog.  These are the hot topics.  This blog is read all over the world, which is so amazing.  So these are topics not just that the United States are interested in, but even Switzerland, France and Morocco.

One Degree of Change #26: Just pick one!  These are the Top Ten Degrees of Change blogs in order.  Your mission if you choose to accept it is to read through the top ten and pick one that resonates with your desires in life.  If you are not growing, you are dying, so why don’t you grow a little today!

10. One Degree of Change #17Stop using Aluminum foil.
9.  One Degree of Change #20: Get rid of all Processed Products with more than 10 grams of Sugar!
8.  One Degree of Change #13Compost your Veggies, Fruit and Yard Waste!
7.  One Degree of Change #16: Repurpose furniture or donate it to Habitat for Humanity.
6.  One Degree of Change #19Eat Local Free Range Eggs.
 5.  One Degree of Change #15: Recycle Everything Possible!
4.  One Degree of Change # 3:  Eat out only 15 times a month, or less!
3.  One Degree of Change #12: Find & use a favorite reusable H20 bottle.
2.  One Degree of Change #  4Clean out your refrigerator door of all foods with the 
                                                       HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP!

And the drumroll, please…..
The Number 1, most read One Degree of Change is:

1.  One Degree of Change # 6Try one new veggie per month.

The responses to the above degrees of change do not surprise me.  My patients are always asking questions and wanting more information on how to eat better, why certain foods effect them so harshly and what they can do to create a healthier environment for their families and themselves.  Look around, folks, 2/3 of our population in the United States are either overweight or obese.  Top three killers are Heart disease, Diabetes and Obesity.  Here is a short video that explains: Combatting Obesity.

Are you ready to make a change?

 Even if it is mundane, but could make a huge impact on your life in the future?

Be like Nike, Just do it!

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