Happy New Year! Always a perfect time to create change.  This is the time we clean up our desks, put away the holiday decorations and clean out the frig from all the holiday assault foods.  We have given away most of the holiday sweets with the exception of some bourbon balls and peanut butter fudge made by my mom from an old family recipe.  The remainder will be placed in the freezer for a treat latter in the year.

During the holidays, I always continue to workout.  My gym, Anytime Fitness, is open 24/7, which I love.  My workout time is early, between 4 and 5 a.m.. It is interesting to notice, even this morning, January 3rd, not a soul was in the gym.  Everyone is waiting till tomorrow to begin their regimens of working out and eating better.  So I take a few days off, till the idea for these folks wears off.  Sadly, we have always called these folks “30 day wonders”, meaning after 30 days, we wonder what happened to them.  I tease my patients, by asking them if they have a gym membership and do they actually go.  Then I ask them if they are “tithing” the gym, when I’m told that they haven’t been since they joined!

Creating change is really not that difficult.  My wife and I sit down together on January 1st and create our desires for the year.  I wrote about how we create our list last year in One Degree of Change #11.
Following through and creating passion for each desire is the most important  way to make it happen. Remember thoughts are things.

One Degree of Change #31: 

Do the 21 day Purification Program in January!

It is the perfect time to do this program.  I teach it as a class (my 12th year) to patients and I even teach doctors how to teach their

patients. It is a way to make some great dietary changes that will be lasting.  As well as losing those holiday pounds. It takes you back to eating the way you should always eat.  For some of my patients, it is the first time they have eaten this clean since they were born. And for many of my patients it is an annual ritual to take the class with me.  Even though I may repeat information, each person is in a different place to receive that information.  I take you by the hand and guide you to becoming a better you, not just nutritionally.  I watch patients change in many ways after they complete the program.  It is a huge reward for me, as well.  Here are some of the things they say about doing the program!  

I will even send you a digital copy of the booklet we use for free

, just send me your info, no strings attached.  I can arrange to order the supplies and have them drop shipped to you, if you don’t live in my area.  And you can follow along by watching the weekly videos.  I can’t make it much easier.  All you need is the passion to create a better you!

Here are three steps you can take to increase your success rate:

  1. Take small steps.  Don’t try to do everything at once.
  2. Only try to create one new change at a time. That’s the whole idea of my One Degree of Change blog!
  3. Write down the specific change that you want to create. And then write specific steps to achieve the change.
  4. Repeat the behavior for the specific change you are creating.  The more it is repeated, the more “instinctive” it becomes.
  5. Now take action, don’t leave this blog before taking one action step, not later, NOW!

Don’t fall victim to what is called the “Ready, Aim, Aim, Aim Syndrome”  Think, “Ready, Fire, Aim”!  If you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place.  

Now, go forth and change, just One Degree at a time!

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