Wow! Readers from Brazil and Spain! Welcome!  It is heart warming that the message of health is a world wide topic.  Here’s the update on the Triple Chrysalis Effect.  Two of the three made it into this world.  The third one, I’m sorry to say, didn’t hatch.  It was one of the first caterpillars to transform.  It’s sad but an unfortunate fact of butterfly life.  In my little butterfly garden we have a matriculation rate of about 90% of the ones that I actually find.  That is pretty darn good.  Remember they still have the elements of weather, wind, and predators once they have hatched.  But on a good note, we just had another that I hatched, I almost caught the emerging butterfly on another nearby chrysalis that was ready.  I swear I just walked in the house and then back out, there she is!  Don’t forget to get your Milkweed seeds to promote these captivating beauties.

Chrysalis just before hatching!

I have written about this before, but worth repeating.  The little egg that hatches to become the caterpillar that meta-morphs into the Monarch butterfly, knows exactly what to eat and exactly how much.  When that caterpillar has reached its capacity for nourishment, it stops.  It doesn’t keep eating till its little caterpillar stomach explodes.  It doesn’t lie on the branch of the milkweed and say, “I can’t believe I at the whole thing”.  It doesn’t look in the mirror and ask,  ” Do these wings make me look fat”.  It eats what it needs and does its transformation. We should be more like butterflies!  Eat what we are supposed to eat, do what we are supposed to do (no excuses), live like there is no tomorrow and then turn into something beautiful!  That should be everyone’s One Degree of Change!

Welcome to your new world!

One Degree of Change #37: Use Chia (I know you are thinking…Cha cha cha Chia!), Flax or Hemp seeds in your daily diet!

On the One Degree of Change #36 I gave you a shake recipe.  Three of the ingredients are the above listed seeds.  Why do you need to put these seeds into your diet?  Here’s why!

Chia seeds are actually from a flowering plant from the mint family.  These plants are native to Mexico and Guatemala. In one ounce, which is a lot of chia seeds, there is 9 grams of fat  (more than half are Omega 3), 12 grams of carbs (with 11 grams of that being fiber) and 4.7 grams of protein.  The special gift these tiny little seeds have is they pack a lot of nutrients into a small package.  They are loaded with calcium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc, which are trace minerals that we need but don’t often get.  They are also great antioxidants.  The other really cool thing is that when you soak them in water, they become very gel-like.  Now this won’t help you lose weight, but it may give you a sense of fullness so you may not eat as much.  You can soak them in nut milk add some vanilla and make a healthy alternative for pudding.  They are non-GMO and gluten free, which means excuse free.

Next, we have Flax seeds.  They boast having 4.3 grams of fat (Highest in Omega 3’s), 3 grams of carbs (2.8 grams of that are dietary fiber) and 1.9 grams of protein.  There are brown or golden flax seeds.  I don’t think the taste differs much and the benefits are the same. I tend to use the golden flax seeds because I like the color.  They have 55 calories for one tablespoon which is about 10 grams.  They have been around for over 6000 years. The nutrients they provide are a bit overwhelming for such a tiny seed.  Not only a great fiber and protein source, but the highest plant source of Omega 3 fatty acids with the sesame seed in a close second.  They also possess B1, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and are high in copper, zinc and selenium.  Additionally, they are high in polyphenols which are great antioxidants as well as reducing candida and yeast over growths.  I like the hair and skin support flax seeds offer, as well as digestive support.

Finally, that brings us to Hemp seeds. Don’t worry about getting high with these protein rich nuggets. They contain negligible amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol  (THC).  I prefer the hemp hearts, these are from the hulled seeds and have a great nutty taste.  Calorie wise, they have about 120 calories for 10 grams with 4.5 grams of fat, .7 grams of carbs and 3.7 grams of protein.  It has the same nutrient benefits as the other two seeds with the addition of iron.  Another important benefit is for the heart.  It lowers your cholesterol and blood pressure.  The brain gets a big advantage from the hemp hearts.  Cognition and memory are supported with the addition of these seeds.  Because of the high fiber there is an improvement in bowel activity.  But my favorite benefit is the protein factor. Most people today don’t get enough protein.  This source gives you most of the amino acids you need and a couple of heaping tablespoons in a smoothie or on your salad will do the trick!

You can find all of theses seeds at your health food market.  We try to buy local and support our local merchants.  Once you have your ingredients, you are ready to start! We keep our seeds in air tight glass containers, labeled, of course!  Here are five easy ways to add them into your daily diet!

  1. Use in your smoothie or green shake.
  2. Make your own low carb protein bars.
  3. Use as a topping on your salad.
  4. Add to your steel cut oats for a high fiber breakfast.
  5. Grind them up and use as a coating on chicken (dip in an egg bath, then roll in mixture,  & bake).

So simple!  

I hope I planted some “seeds” of knowledge!  

Now go forth and buy seeds!

Be the one degree of change!

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