‘The best investment is in the tools of one’s own trade’

– Benjamin Franklin


Like any master of their trade, it is crucial to have the best chiropractic therapy equipment at hand to complement your skills as a practitioner and effectively and efficiently manage your patient’s conditions. 

While smart chiro marketing and promotional practices are great to get patients in the door, it is your expertise and hands-on knowledge that enables you to properly address each of your patient’s conditions that will keep them coming back to you. 

With innovation and technology touching almost every aspect of our lives today, it only makes sense as a practitioner to embrace the latest, most innovative chiropractic therapy equipment that can enhance one’s practice and provide patients with the most effective treatments possible. 

In this article, we have listed down 5 must-have chiropractic essentials one should invest in to enhance their chiropractic practice in 2022:

1. Activator – 

One of the chiropractic essentials, this little buddy is way more than just a practical, hand-held, mechanical device. It is an effective method for providing the gentlest treatment possible. Especially for older patients or for those suffering from excessive back/neck pain or those who are hypersensitive to manual adjustments. 

With the simple push of a button, it puts out gentle, targeted, impulse force to restore mobility in a specific region of the body. It is precise, painless, and delicate on the joints where it is used. It is so subtle that you may notice the sound it makes rather than the impact of its action!

The only drawback is that it is an additional investment and may add to increase the over cost of a patient’s chiropractic practice treatment.

2. Spinal Decompression Table – 

This ain’t just any other table we are talking about. It uses computerized sensors to perform stretching actions on the spine. This is an effective treatment method, especially for patients ailing from debilitating pain due to herniated or bulging discs. It is a chiropractic therapy equipment that also addresses many root causes of sciatica and affected spinal roots and deteriorated spinal joints. 

Using a decompression table, negative pressure is created within the disc to enable disc fluid to slide back into place. This movement aids to create a space wherein the disc can heal itself rapidly. 

This table will cost you a fair bit but it is a must-have. Hands down, this table is chiropractic essential, as an alternative to present to patients to avoid invasive and often complicated spinal surgery.

3. Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) & Interferential Therapy (IFT) – 

In a form of electrotherapy, muscle contractions are stimulated by attaching electrodes to the skin over the affected area and transmitting electric currents to the targeted muscle groups.  It is an inexpensive but valuable addition to your practice. It addresses a host of issues like edema, and muscle atrophy and boosts the range of movement for tight muscles. 

IFT, another form of EMS, is a very similar-looking device that sends small, varying amounts of electric currents through the skin, that when collide, produce interference, hence the name, and create a penetrating pulse within that promotes healing. 

Due to its ‘electrifying’ nature, do keep it well clear away from patients who have heart issues or palpitations. Pregnant women should not be treated using EMS or IFT. These devices are definitely chiropractic essentials.

4. Hi Lo Tables –

Also known as Pelvic Tables, they deliver an optimal range of vertical lift and tilting action. Easily adjustable to suit practitioners and position patients of any dimension. Their study build frame and smooth, electric-driven transitions make it easy to mobilize bariatric patients or those too weak to stand on their own. Look for a Hi-Lo table that is easily moveable, powerful, and versatile.

5. Hydrocollator Packs – 

These handy packs are ‘packed’ with a blend of bentonite clay and other natural fillings. Way more effective for treating pain than electric pads since the heat generated from these packs are moist and does not dehydrate the affected area while keeping the affected area relaxed. 

The increased blood circulation your patients will experience from these packs will benefit them before chiropractic adjustments. Be careful to not use hydrocollator packs for acute injuries or inflamed muscles as it could worsen the symptoms. All in all, packs are an easy, inexpensive option to provide relief to your patients from many forms of pain.

No question, the most important tools at a practitioner’s disposal are his/her own well-trained hands. However, the above-mentioned chiropractic practice tools will empower you to provide high-quality care, effectively. 

Do you know what else is a must-have to improve your practice in 2022?

Being mentored by an experienced Chiropractic practice coach who can work closely with you to create those best practices that will accelerate growth and bring stability to your practice and your life, too! 

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