Remember, you are what you eat. So what are you eating today?

Are you resorting to rushed, on-the-go breakfasts and ten-minute lunch breaks involving gobbling up portions of food or resorting to those convenient junk meals?

Not getting the right chiropractic nutrition that you need, can have long-lasting effects on the mind and body. Right from depleted energy levels, mostly stemming from dehydration to lackluster performance levels, uneasy digestion, and poor cardiac health, just to mention a few!

Ok, so you have made time for exercising. That’s great! But if your fitness regimen isn’t complemented with balanced nutrition, you are heading for trouble.

Let’s be clear. I am not guiding you toward starting a diet plan. I believe most diets are unscientific, unhealthy, and impractical. Crash diets can create a negative relationship with food. And that is absolutely the last thing we need.

I am advocating for you to eat the right foods that make you feel good, at the right time, in the right way that gives you that much-needed chiropractic nutrition. Foods that don’t just work for you but make you thrive!


Here’s How:

  1. Gotta Start Off Right – Every morning is like a New Year’s Day. A chance to start afresh. And what you choose to nourish yourself with in the morning says a lot about you. Choosing a plant based or animal protein every breakfast will work wonders for you. These proteins accompanied with good fats better to wake your system up rather than an espresso shot.
  2. And Take it Slow – In our fast-paced life, full of distractions, finding a few minutes to savor our meals is essential. Eat each morsel slowly and mindfully. The benefits of slow eating include better digestion, better hydration, easier weight loss or maintenance, and greater satisfaction with our meals.
  3. Branch Out – Eat a wide range of foods from various sources to ensure a balanced intake of nutrients. That being said, you should closely consider cutting out processed foods, the kinds that fill the aisles of our supermarkets and instead, get a majority of your nourishment from the produce section. Focus your attention on nourishing yourself with whole foods, a majority of which are plant based.
  4. Get an Expert Opinion – Each of our bodies have their individual needs. Based on our body type, activity levels etc. It is smart to consult a nutritionist or dietician to find out if you have any deficiencies and then act accordingly. There is no harm in taking the required nutritional guidance and support to help you on your way to peak fitness.
  5. Retire Early – This is in context of your last meal of the day. It is beneficial to have your dinner by sundown and refrain from late night meals. That way, your body has ample time to digest and recover through the night.


These are just a few ways in which you can enhance your chiropractic nutrition. Give them a try, be gentle and kind with yourself and I promise that you will see positive benefits.

Working closely with an experienced Chiropractic coach like me has benefits! You will learn what it takes to unlock your true potential and take complete control of your practice and your life.

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I believe that once you choose to engage in their own health journey, the rest of your life will be greatly transformed.

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