Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill.

Action is the foundational key to success in business. Being a profitable and rewarding chiropractic practice requires devoting attention to the various aspects of the practice. Equally, smartly and simultaneously. Taking action at the right time to not allow the growth of the business to stagnate. The consequences of not being able to do so are, unfortunately, devastating to the long term financial health of a chiropractic business.

Smart work, not hard work is the way to go this year. Especially with chiropractors having their hands full, quite literally, with healing their patients, it can be burdensome to establish time to brainstorm on, develop and then execute chiropractor business development strategies.

Here are SEVEN simple, yet valuable pointers to help promote your chiropractic business in 2022 :

  1. What’s your USP ? – What is it that sets you apart from other healthcare practitioners? What is it that keeps patients coming back? Identifying the singular value provided by the practice is a fruitful marketing strategy for chiropractors.  This is internal work that the practitioner must address and work through themselves. Then, build on it. 
  2. Being Web Ready – No more outdated, inactive websites. Getting the practice’s digital footprint to be dynamic and engaging is paramount. Invest well in an exceptional and effective website that works just as superbly on mobile phones. Similarly, the social media presence, activity and engagement of the chiropractor business
  3. Patient Testimonials – A well known yet often unused asset that a practitioner possesses to enable effective chiropractor marketing is the patients themselves! First hand experiences shared, recorded and presented in super high quality fashion on the website and social media platforms works great! Secondly, it pays to also include review or feedback links when sending outpatient emails or newsletters.
  4. Be Kind, Revise – As with other forms of healthcare practices, chiropractor is too a ever evolving healing practice. Being informed and well educated of the latest chiropractic trends, techniques, and research helps the practice be future ready and cutting edge. 
  5. Get Google Friendly – The search engine giant can be a valuable ally to the chiropractor business.  A Google Business Listing helps get the practice on the (virtual)map, have an online presence, be found by potential patients across devices, have a superb platform for reviews.  Advertising the practice on Google Adwords is fast, reliable, measurable and cost effective to drive more visitors to the website and more importantly, have relevant ads running to reach more potential patients and have a greater influence on them. 
  6. Rewarding Loyalty is Rewarding Too! – The permission based relationship of customer loyalty programs offer benefits that other forms of chiropractic practice marketing methods are not cut out for. At comparatively lower costs, a practitioner can build lasting beneficial relationships with patients, acquire new customers and improve the practice’s reputation. Referral programs can contribute to increased revenue and profitability.
  7. Having a One Track Mind – Developing a kind of business intelligence mindset. To track and analyse to identify how each of the above pointers are working and translating into increased profitability for the practice, let go of what is ineffectual, and take an informed decision to focus energy and resources on what is suitable.

The MIND, BODY and BUSINESS is a 1:1 coaching program for chiropractic physicians to thrive in their practice and to revel in optimal health for the mind and body of the practitioner. 

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