As startling as this headline may be in its simplicity, it conveys a powerful message. It is well known that running chiropractic practice is challenging, and hard work. It may be very difficult for you to find the time to maintain a chiropractic fitness routine.

I’ve previously spoken to you before about the ever-present risk of work-related injury in our profession HERE. Knock on wood, I have been able to keep myself injury-free over my three-decade-long chiropractic career!

How do I do it?

I MAKE time for exercise. Notice, I said ‘Make’ and not ‘find. Let’s be real, you will never find time to exercise if your day is already packed. Exercise must become a crucial chiropractic fitness activity that you prioritize every day as something you just can’t miss.

Here’s what I have done to make fitness an absolute certainty in my existence:

  1. Shape Your Mindset: Uncover Your WHY. Take a few minutes right now and Ask yourself, ‘Why do I want to improve my chiropractic fitness?’ Notice what comes up for you. I think this activity is so important for each of the practitioners to do regularly. Our ‘WHY’ is as individual to us as our fingerprint. For me, my WHY was and to this day, remains crystal clear and motivates me to exercise every day!
  1. Cultivate Discipline: Now that your ‘WHY’ is clear, back it up with discipline. There are going to be days when you just aren’t motivated to exercise. That’s when discipline kicks in and gets you to show up. And that’s the hardest part.
  1. Schedule It In: Every day, I do something intentionally to move my body. Your chiropractic fitness routine should be like any of your other daily essential, cannot-miss tasks. Plan out a week worth of exercise in advance and make sure to be specific on what type of exercise and how much of it you will do on that day. It doesn’t have to be fancy just make sure to not back out on yourself!
  • Let go of the ‘All or nothing mindset: With regard to chiropractic fitness, this holds so true. Some exercise will ALWAYS trump no exercise. Don’t be tough on yourself for not being able to complete that 30 min workout you planned out. Appreciate the 10-15mins you could devote to being a more fit you. Learn and get back up on that horse! Make sure you give yourself ample time to rest and recover. It’s just as important as exercising.
  • Make Fitness FUN Again! Your motivation to exercise is directly proportional to just how much you enjoy the experience of it. Over the weeks, this enjoyment may fade. That’s when you should consider incorporating fun elements into your workouts. Listening to upbeat music you enjoy is one way to rock your workouts. A change of scenery works wonders also.

Ditch the gym for a day and try going for a jog in the park, carry a yoga mat to get some much-needed outdoor stretching time, and hike around local trails. I get my share of nature from cycling!

There you go! I’ve given just enough information to get you started or continue your chiropractic fitness journey! Now, it’s your turn to do what works for you and your schedule. It won’t be easy. But, it will feel a whole lot better than being out of shape and unhealthy, I promise you this.

You aren’t alone in this journey!

If you would like to know more about how I incorporate chiropractic fitness in my coaching programs, which are tailored to suit your body’s needs, why don’t you register HERE for a complimentary consultation call with me?

See you there!

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