Isn’t it ironic that the gifted healers executing skilled manoeuvres and adjustments to heal their patients, are themselves at a high risk of experiencing a work related injury? It is underwhelming to just state that healthcare care practitioners have a physically demanding job. 

Clinical Combat Zone

Practitioners all too often do not remember to pay attention to their own bodies. Like everyone else, their bodies too require rest, nourishment, exercise and most crucially, love! Especially when the daily demands from the body are this intense and challenging. There are those long periods of physical activity –  standing, fast hand, finger and wrist movements being repeated,  bending this way and that, lifting, twisting and stretching. 

Every fibre, tissue and muscle of the practitioner is at play during their routine activities in and around the clinic. They need to be physically active without getting tired or even out of breath. Naturally then, there is a high risk of work related injury. According to a survey done with a sizable group of chiropractors in the United states, it was uncovered that no less than 40% of that group had suffered work related injury. 

Overworking the body and bad posture can result in chronic injuries to the back, shoulders and neck. These injuries can jeopardise the livelihood of the practitioner and put them out of business in a hurry. From a food and chiropractic nutrition standpoint, there isn’t much joy either. To save time, Practitioners often resort to quick ten minute meals that feature convenient junk foods. This does no good for the energy levels. Post such meals, lethargy and fatigue set in and long term, can lead to several lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity. Imagine that. Once gifted healers whom patients would look up to as a source of confidence and inspiration now themselves plagued by injuries and burnouts. 

So what’s the goal here ? It is to be in good shape and to feel energised throughout the day. That can be done through creating consistent, sustainable healthy habits that keep work related injury away, provide longevity and positively maintain chiropractor health.

The Best Investment Ever 

A healthy body starts from the inside. From the self motivating belief that chiropractor health is a priority, love and respect for the body that makes it all possible. Start simple. Start small. Here are a few habits to help keep the body fit and functional: 

  1. Build a fitness routine – This is crucial. Out of the waking hours, time needs to be allotted towards getting fit and staying fit. An hour or so each day is plenty. Mix it up with different workout styles. Weight training, Yoga, running, swimming are all good options. Get outdoors more. Use the stairs whenever you can. Opt for a good walk. Keeping fit is a mindset. Hiring a fitness trainer to guide in implementing fitness needs may be a good idea
  2. Get Tested – Knowing the present state of the body is useful knowledge. A simple way to accomplish this is getting blood work and tests done. They shine light on important parameters such as heart health, blood sugar levels, cholesterol and thyroid and other potential deficiencies. 
  3. Eat Right – As quoted, ‘let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food’. More than just to satisfy our cravings, the food we eat has life force energy to heal us and make us feel great again. Frequent hydration and a plant based diet that incorporates a balanced intake of protein, carbs, minerals and vitamins comes highly recommended.This will help in chiropractor nutrition.  
  4. Sit WellBad posture can result in a misaligned musculoskeletal system, decreased flexibility and spine wearout. Having adequate, height adjustable chairs and tables will help maintain upright posture.
  5. Sleep Tight – Rest, repair and rejuvenation. These are the main benefits for the body from a good night’s sleep. Getting to sleep on time, without distractions and having a clean, peaceful, inviting dark sleep space can ensure better energy levels the next day, boosting chiropractor health, productivity and creativity.

Being a professional chiropractor with your practice can feel like being an athlete at times, doesn’t it? And like with most successful, fulfilled athletes, it is essential to have a coach to guide and help enhance chiropractor health to perform at higher levels by developing healthy strategies for the mind, body, and the business. 

Introducing the MIND, BODY & BUSINESS coaching program! You will learn how to train your mind, heal your body and scale-up your practice.

This program is for you if: 

  • You are a Chiropractor, Osteopath, Nurse Practitioner, Acupuncturist or any other healthcare practitioner who has a physically demanding practice.
  • You as a practitioner are experiencing burnout, stress, anxiety and fear of inconsistent income.
  • You are wanting to learn more about and bring nutrition into your own lives and your practice.
  • You are looking for motivation, accountability and support with your health and/or your practice.
  • You are a Chiropractic Physician / Healthcare Practitioner who is ready to make a change and do the work that is required to achieve a transformation.
  • If you are serious and are ready to take control of your practice, your life and your future.

So, do any of the above statements apply to you? If yes, don’t wait, book a complimentary consultation call with us today! 


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