The 5-Day Flash Detox begins Monday April 1st! Clean up your diet from all the Easter candy!!!

EASTER is a 65 Billion Dollar Candy Holiday!!!!! Zoom call Monday night 6:30 pm.

Click here for the Zoom Link!

Pick up your kit today or order online through Patient Direct. Once you have signed up, Dani will send you the PDF for the guide and an invite to the FB private page. Don’t worry if you can’t start on Monday, you can start the next day.

Order info:


These are the supplements you will need for all three of the 5-Day Flash Detoxes:

*1 set of the 4 supplements listed below will last through all three flash detoxes for one person.

Gastro-Fiber, 150 capsules (product # 4615)

–  GI Adsorb, 112 capsules (product # 4660)

 – SP Cleanse, 150 capsules (product # 2670)

– SP Green Food, 150 capsules (product #4650)

You will also need a protein powder. Below is a list of the protein powders you can choose from:

– Veg-E Complete Pro Chocolate, roughly 18 servings per container (product #8180)

– Veg-E Complete Pro Vanilla, roughly 18 servings per container (product #8185)

– Whey Pro Complete, roughly 25 servings per container (product #8325)

You can order your kit online through the Patient Direct on Standard Process.

> If you are already registered in Patient Direct, click HERE to order.

> If you are not registered in Patient Direct, use provider code K43MA9 and click HERE to set up an account so you can order your kit and protein powder online today!

See you Monday night!
Dr. Kimberly Besuden (Dr B)