Thank you so much for choosing to sign up for this transformative 5 Day Detox Program! I’m so excited to take you on this short but power packed journey and I can’t wait to connect with you in person very soon!

Infact, your program begins right here!

This is what you will get as part of this program:

Your step by step detox tutorial: Click here to access the video.

Access to a private Detox community group: Click here to join the group today!

Customized Detox Supplementation Guide: Click here to access the pdf

Your 5 Day Purification Program: Click here to access the pdf

Comprehensive Shopping Lists: Click here to access the pdf

Specifically Designed Workout Guide: Click here to access the pdf

Please remember– the supplements needed to complete the detox are NOT included. However, I have provided you with a supplementation guide that lists everything you will need. 

Alternatively, you can order your kit online through Patient Direct on the Standard Process site.

> If you are already registered in Patient Direct, click HERE to order.

> If you are not registered in Patient Direct, use provider code K43MA9 and click HERE to set up an account so you can order your kit and protein powder online today!

Finally remember, this 5-day program isn’t a quick-fix to all your health and weight challenges.It’s a proven method of jump-starting your body’s natural healing capabilities and bringing balance into your wellbeing. THIS IS A WAY OF LIFE. 

Here’s to your health,
Dr. Kimberly Besuden (Dr B)