Are you a Chiropractor or Healthcare Professional, struggling to build a successful practice?

With Dr. Kimberly Besuden’s one-to-one coaching program, you will be able to unlock your true potential and take complete control of your practice and life.

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As a Chiropractor and Healthcare Professional for 35+ years, Dr. Kimberly Besuden has been coaching chiropractic physicians and healthcare professionals to reach optimal health levels and helping them thrive in their practice and succeed.

Dr. Besuden understands that the two things you cannot buy are your health and your happiness. You cannot have one without the other.

As Certified Functional Health Practitioner and a Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition, she believes once someone chooses to engage in their own health journey, the rest of their life will be greatly transformed.

Apart from a chiropractic practice coach, she is also a noted public speaker, author and educator, continuing education to healthcare professionals. She has extensive knowledge in exercise physiology and peak performance for athletes.


Don’t just survive, thrive and succeed!

With Dr. Kimberly Besuden’s one-to-one chiropractic coaching program, you will learn how to train your mind, heal your body and scale-up your practice.


  • Tapping into yourself to create the best version of you.
  • Creating time for whatever it is that gives you inner peace.
  • Tapping into your mindfulness.
  • Analyzing and correcting your sleep patterns.
  • Getting you more self-aware.


  • Preparing yourself to practice what you preach.
  • Helping you create more time for your own fitness.
  • Analyzing your own posture and incorporating specific exercises to prevent problems.
  • Creating a supplement protocol to support your health and longevity.
  • Learning how to utilize different testing and analysis.


  • Having a recruitment process that brings in an ideal & long-term team.
  • Creating your tribe in your practice.
  • Finding people who are specialists in the field rather than trying to do it yourself.
  • Creating systems and processes that DO THE WORK FOR YOU in every aspect of your practice.
  • Helping you create multiple streams of income.
  • Working with experts who give you the appropriate advice rather than you having to waste time figuring it out for yourself.

If you want to be able to take a step back from your practice to spend more time with your family and take more vacations or to write a book, while also increasing your business cash flow, then…

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How you will benefit

Achieve Goals Quicker

The key benefits from your coaching will be establishing, setting and achieving your goals quicker in the areas of mind, body & business.

Business Development

Working with the best in the industry will enable you to hone your business skills and grow your practice exponentially.

Achieve Financial Freedom

By learning and implementing the fundamentals of wealth, you will be able to create true financial freedom through your practice and beyond.


With regular check-ins, you will stay on track with all your goals and this will ensure long-term success in business, health and wealth.

Boost Confidence

By training to be the best version of yourself, you will boost your vitality and confidence in the process. Renewed energy is also a common outcome!

More Time To Enjoy Life

With all the benefits experienced, you will have more time to spend with family & loved ones, doing the things you enjoy the most.

Successful Clients

Don’t Take Our Word For It…
Listen to what chiropractic and healthcare professionals are saying about
Dr. Besuden’s coaching program.

“True success is being able to live your life by design, not default, doing what you enjoy while surrounded by the people you admire and respect.”
– Dr. Kimberly Besuden

Is The Health Factor Coaching Program right for me?

We have created The Health Factor coaching program for chiropractors/healthcare professionals who are ready to take their practice and their lives to the next level.

So, if you are happy with how things are going for you and don’t want anything to change, this one-to-one coaching program is not for you.

If you don’t feel ready to grow your practice and your personal life in a more intentional way, this coaching program is not for you.

If you don’t want to make a bigger impact or earn more, this coaching program is probably not for you.

This coaching program is for you if:

  • You are a Chiropractor, Osteopath, Nurse Practitioner, Acupuncturist or any other healthcare practitioner who has a physically demanding practice.
  • You as a practitioner are experiencing burnout, stress, anxiety and fear of inconsistent income.
  • You are wanting to learn more about and bring nutrition into your own lives and your practice.
  • You are looking for motivation, accountability and support with your health and/or your practice.
  • You as a Chiropractic Physician / Healthcare Practitioner who is ready to make a change and do the work that is required to achieve a transformation.
  • If you are serious and are ready to take control of your practice, your life and your future.

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