Dr. Kimberly Besuden as a health care professional since 1994,

Has been passionately working one on one with thousands of patients supporting them to take their health to the next level by making just one degree of change to meet and exceed their health journeys.

She has also been coaching and supporting Chiropractors as well as other Healthcare Professionals with these 3 important pillars – Mind, Body and Business to help them thrive in their practice and succeed.

She understands that the two things you cannot buy are your health and your happiness. You cannot have one without the other. She believes once someone chooses to engage in their own health journey, the rest of their life will be greatly transformed.

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Dr. Kimberly Besuden creates a pathway for each chiropractor and healthcare professional’s individual mind, body & business journey

by incorporating nutrition, whole food supplementation, education, and an individualized plan of action approach to help each chiropractor and healthcare professional achieve their maximum potential.

Her mission is straightforward: do what it takes to help you live a healthy and happy life; working smarter, not harder.

Her extensive scope of experience in the mastery of Functional Healthcare and Medicine allows Dr. Besuden to help facilitate your practice in a mind, body, & business journey improving this triad in minimal time. As a devoted educator, Dr. Besuden explains and coaches doctors/healthcare professionals on exercise, healthy food choices and the “why” of their own physical & practice health priority during each session.

Along with her education and healthcare background, she has continued involvement in fitness and wellness work for 35+ years. She is also a noted public speaker, author, teaches continuing education to doctors, and has extensive knowledge in exercise physiology and peak performance for athletes. She is the current Florida state champion and nationally ranked in cycling.


  • 1982 Graduate of Purdue University with a BS in Education and Master studies in Exercise Physiology
  • 1994 Graduate of Life University with a Doctor of Chiropractic
  • 2012 Graduate of FMU as a Certified Functional Health
  • Practitioner, and a Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition

Dr. Besuden's Journey

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In her personal time,

Dr. Besuden spends time with her wife, Mary Ann and their furry family. Travelling to exotic destinations, cycling, boating and preparing nutritious meals at home are a few of her favorite activities. She is a former powerlifting and bodybuilding champion, competes in State and National cycling road races and time trials and enjoys splitting up her workouts between strength training, cycling, and core training.

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Dr. Besuden (fondly known as Dr. B) is a sought-after educational & motivational speaker and a respected name in the world of functional healthcare. With her wealth of knowledge and experience, she can bring the passion and energy to take your event to the next level!

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