“Who knew processed food and regular decaf coffee and diet soft drinks were so bad? I had even been following a diet given to patients at a nationwide medical weight loss center! Dr. B. read over their diet plan and saw it was mostly food that turned quickly into sugar with only a small bit of protein. With just 21 days on Standard Process Detox I got a healthier body and mind. I don't stress eat junk food. People notice I look thinner which is also way cool. Sipping red wine during dinner instead of guzzling huge glasses of ice water during my evening meal is a real treat.”

- L.G.

“I did this as a reboot... I was doing well, eating healthy, and exercising on a regular basis for quite a while and then I just fell off the wagon May of this year and instantly I began to feel tired all the time and just felt like crap and eating very unhealthy so when I heard about this detox/cleanse it was boost/kick in the butt I needed to get back on track... I experienced more energy weight loss and what was a great bonus for me clearer skin ... I had my doubt's at first but so glad I did this!!!”

- C.R.

“As a direct result of the liver purification program, I am sleeping better than I have slept in years! No melatonin needed anymore. Sleeping better has led to me an overall sense of feeling better.
I had no idea the "healthy" food I was eating was making me so bloated until those foods were removed during the program. My husband and I plan on keeping to the recommended foods after the program is complete....with the "occasional" added treat of course. We miss pizza and pasta but have found very creative and delicious ways to substitute vegetables for the starchy parts.
Our new BFF - "The Spiralizer"!
I am VERY HAPPY to report we have both lost over 7 pound as the "side effect". We plan on doing this cleanse twice a year. I knew my body could feel better, I just wasn't sure what it needed. With the help of Baystreet Wellness, we now have a complete plan....and it's working!! Thank you Dr. B for sharing your knowledge. A 1% change really does make a difference!”

- A. & D.R.

“Well, it's the last day of my 21 day detox. I did it. I can't believe I did it! I wasn't perfect, but I did really well. I lost 10 pounds and feel really good. I feel lighter, healthier. I can wear clothes that i haven't worn in a long time. I learned a lot about eating healthier and Scott and I have been more invested in what we eat and when. Due to our weight loss and how good we feel, we are both motivated to keep up with our new healthier eating habits. It wasn't always easy. There were times when I wanted a Mellow Mushroom Pizza really BAD. Surprisingly, it wasn't the sugar that I craved (which I always thought I was addicted to) as much as the snack foods like salsa and chips, guacamole and chips, mixed nuts. Oh, and the ice cream. I really, really wanted some Ben & Jerry's - BAD. We can't wait to have a glass of wine. And I look forward to having some of those foods that I love, but now I have really healthy recipes, thanks to Dr. Besuden, that I can make myself with fresh, organic ingredients. I know now how satisfying a meal with just vegetables can be. In the beginning, I thought taking so many capsules a day was going to be awful, but it really wasn't. We just got used to it. I also felt I had a lot of support from Dr. Besuden between the classes and the Facebook pages, and being able to contact her via email. I'm really glad I did it.”

- S.H.

“The detox program was definitely a success for me! Not only do I feel more energy, I lost 8 pounds that I have been trying to shed for over a half of year. I started on the new vitamin supplement today and feel great!! Love that is all natural! Thank you for the new nutrition information. I learned so much and want to continue learning for myself, family and patients!!”

- DR. K.S.

“After many years of driving to Altamonte for my Chiropractic/Acupuncture/Health and Wellness treatments I never thought I would be able to find a doctor in Lake County that could meet my expectations. That is until I met Dr. Besuden! She encompassed all I was looking for and more in healthcare. Her beliefs of total wellness, sincerity, listening skills far surpass anything I have ever experienced. She is a rare gem in today's world of Healthcare. Thank you Dr. Besuden for all you do!”

- Lynn B.

“Having been through a wide range of medical challenges and being treated at some of the finest facilities in the country, I have found "wellness" through Dr Besuden's whole body approach. Having an education deeply seated in both science and medical I believe in the importance of having your body work for you. Dr Besuden not only understands the mechanics of how to keep you moving, her nutritional expertise to help maintain balance and functionality is at the core of her practice. While I had been a patient for years for chiropractic care, after an extended illness and not being able to find the right mix from conventional medicine, I reached out to her too see if she might have some different ideas. I have found great success in my personalized program for which we continue to refine. Dr Besuden has proven to be a true ally in my wellness journey!”

- Michelle P.

“I am fortunate to have found this office. It is so well rounded. Multiple modalities under one roof to help me. Dr. Besdeun took time with me, to ask about me and my daily habits. She does not rely on just one report to summarize my problems or solutions. She believes that food really is our medicine and looks at our bodies from all sides. I always feel like she genuinely cares about me and what is happening in my life. We made a new plan for my new concerns. With the Bay Street Wellness and Dr. Besuden on my team, I am confident that in the next few months I will be feeling and looking much better! Do yourself a favor, imagine how you would feel if what ailed you was gone. That's a great thought right? Now go see Dr. Besuden and find out if that can become your reality.”

- Angie R.

“Six months ago I received news I was not expecting. I felt with my complete hysterectomy, I was cancer free. 99% of women are but I was in that 1 percent. I was referred to a radiologist in Tavares to begin radiation but first I did my research. Based on it, I decided to radically improve my own health from the inside out. Several people recommended you and I knew why as our first nutritional consultation happened. You were encouraging, specific, directive, and able to answer my every question. Together we established my “baseline” and built a six month plan. It was my job to implement it. Almost instantly I felt more energy, no deprivation and I pursued some building muscle-losing body and visceral fat goals that I had ignored for a good dozen years. Three months later, I came to you weighing less and living the plan. You said “sensational” and I was so impressed at how you gave the credit to me even as I gave the credit to you. You endorsed continuation and today I stepped on your Total Body measuror for the fourth time and I was overjoyed to be at numbers I could have only imagined six months ago. In every category, I went the right direction. My blood work confirms it in every single way. More to the point, my last two pelvic exams have shown the cancer cells dying out significantly. I will verify with biopsies and see you thereafter. I know you are part and parcel of my health team. I am most thankful to you. I truly believe I would not have these impressive results without your expertise, care and guidance.

- Annie L.

“I first met Dr. Kimberly Besuden at a networking event. We were talking business and within a few minutes she knew exactly what was wrong with me. I was loyal that very minute. What she didn’t know at that time was I was suffering for over a year before I met her. I was randomly passing out throughout my day and once I was even driving. I saw several doctors and specialists each sending me for more tests and more blood work yet finding nothing. As my condition worsened and since my doctors couldn’t find anything medically wrong with their quick fix was suggesting that I consider taking an antidepressant. I knew that I was not depressed, depressed people don’t seek help and they don’t run marathons. I knew that something was wrong with my body. I was frustrated and hopeless. When I went to Dr. B for our first visit she asked me questions no other doctor or specialist asked. She listened to all of my concerns and validated what I had been feeling. She put me on a wellness path customized for me and I am finally starting to feel like me again. Recently, I threw my back out. She said “don’t worry we can fix you!” I walked hunched over and walked out standing up straight. For me, she is the only doctor I need. Whether you are looking to maintain your health or if you are suffering, I strongly recommend making a visit to Dr. Kimberly Besuden.”

- Claudia V.

“Dr. Besuden,
I met you over 12 years ago through a common dear friend and was immediately taken by your smile and gentleness and could not wait to hear more about your practice! At the time, I weighed 245 pounds at 5’2” and for many years, I politely listened when you gently started talking about health. Over the last few years, I got serious and slowly started making little changes in my eating and started exercising (without pushing too hard). Then I noticed that these little changes started showing. I felt better and you never pushed me, so I continued to make small changes. Today, I am no longer on diabetic medication, my blood pressure is under control and I am now 155 pounds. I am happy to know that you will be in my life until my last breath on this earth!!!”

- Colette B.