Dr. Kimberly Besuden

The Chiropractor's A-Game

Welcome to The Chiropractor’s A-Game. I’m Dr. Kimberley Besuden. With 3 decades plus of being a healthcare practitioner and a chiropractor, I know just how challenging it can be to run a successful practice. That’s why I coach and mentor healthcare professionals to be the best version of themselves, in mind, body, and business.

This podcast is all about helping chiropractors & other functional healthcare professionals to grow in mind, body & business! You will, no doubt, benefit from my sharing of 35+ years of experience. Listen closely for tips, and strategies I will be sharing on how to overcome challenges and thrive in your practice. Plus, I will be interviewing some of the leaders in our industry, to find out just how they stay on top of their game, consistently. So, Let’s Get Crackin!