Calling all Chiropractors and functional healthcare practitioners,

The Mind, Body & Business Course for success in business and in life

So you can grow your practice, work with ideal patients and scale your business to consistent five-figure months without feeling overwhelmed

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If you are here, then you probably:

  • Have the passion and the ability to earn a great living as a healthcare practitioner, but you also know that something is missing…
  • Believe you can achieve more for yourself and your business, but you’re spinning your wheels, trying different things and are uncertain about the steps to confidently position yourself as a renowned Healthcare Practitioner.

If this is true, then you are at the right place and
The MBB (Mind Body Business) Course is the best starting point for you.

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The Mind Body Business Course


Who is it for: Chiropractors and other functional health practitioners

Includes: Four Video Training Sessions

  • Mind: Have a calmer, balanced mindset while also learning to think like an Entrepreneur
  • Body: Design a healthy body that allows you to practise freely and  live the life you want
  • Business: Discover the success systems that will enable you to set your practice up on autopilot!

(Bonus Training)

  • Nutrition: Understand the positive impact that appropriate nutrition can have on your Mind, Body & Business

(Extra Bonus)

  • A Strategy Session with Dr. Kim Besuden herself, once you have completed the program, to help you embibe the learnings into your own practice
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“Doing Dr. Kim’s course has been transformational! I recommend it to any chiropractor out there feeling overwhelmed. You will not regret it!”

About Dr. Kim Besuden

As a Chiropractor and Healthcare Professional for 35+ years, Dr. Kimberly Besuden has been coaching chiropractic physicians and healthcare professionals to reach optimal health levels and helping them thrive in their practice and succeed.

From her years of experience, Dr. Kim believes she has ‘cracked the code’ to running a successful practice! And she says that it all comes down to achieving success in Mind, Body & Business. So after teaching the program to countless students, Dr. Kim has packaged the offer into 4 easy to follow video lessons.

A bonus offered in this course is the ability to actually virtually meet Dr. Kim and get her personalised advice on how you can implement the learnings into your practice more successfully.

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Before you decide to sign up for the Mind Body Business Course, you must agree to the following terms:

  • I am a healthcare professional seeking to learn and grow
  • I run (or am in the process of setting up) a healthcare practice
  • I commit to implementing the lessons from this course to see results

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