Florida at Christmas time.  What a joy to go for a run in the beginning of December in shorts and a long sleeve shirt.  Of course when you finish, you look like a drowned rat because of the lovely humidity that we encounter.  This display of lights which illuminated my foggy, early morning run was at Jacksonville Beach.  They had all the lifeguard stands decorated for the 2nd Annual Deck the Chairs!  It was well done and great to see a community come together.  They have four big sand buckets that act as food collection containers for a local charity!

#9 Clean all the cans out of your pantry/cabinet.

This week’s One Degree of Change has a two fold purpose.  First, we buy cans of food in Florida in case of an emergency, like a hurricane.  We didn’t have a hurricane this year.  Pull all those cans out of your pantry and/or cabinet.  Part of the purpose of this blog is to get you to make a change.  Don’t buy precooked, processed food stored in metal cans that are not good for your health.  I want you to eat live food.  Food that is nutrition rich and fiber dense.  You can’t get that from a can. You are trusting someone else’s preparation of food that you are going to eat to nourish your body.

Secondly, those cans can be useful to the community.  Near our Eustis office, we have a place called Lake Cares Food Pantry which will gladly take those cans and other non-perishables that you have in your pantry. When you deliver to Lake Cares, they greet you at the door and welcome whatever you bring, always with a warm smile and a thank you.  Many local churches and schools have food drives.  There is another website called Suntopia, which lists 42 options for donations just in Mount Dora.  Our Winter Park office also has many selections.  Food Pantries is a website that you can locate food pantries in your area. And all pantries accept paper products like toilet paper and paper towels.  Toiletries are also welcomed.

Organize a food collection at your office.  It doesn’t have to be a holiday.  We have done random food drives at our offices.  Or when you have a holiday party next year, request food donations instead of gifts.  Remember our furry friends too.  We have a holiday party at the end of our street for our neighbors every year.  We ask for donations of pet food, supplies and toys, which we take to the Humane Society of Lake County.  It gives everyone a chance to give back and spread the holiday cheer! Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

The new year is just around the corner.  A perfect time to make that One Degree of Change that you have been thinking about or from the ideas that I have been giving you each week.  Start the New Year 2015 with a Standard Process Purification Program to give your body a jump start after the sugar filled holiday you are having this month!

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