For the past year I have had my eye on this spectacular art piece.  It is a moving sculpture. Well to be more precise, it is a kinetic sculpture. I returned home, late in the evening, from a weekend of continuing education and was told I had a surprise.  I was a bit disappointed because no “surprise” presented itself.  But the next morning as dawn approached, I found my “surprise”! I was like a kid on Christmas morning.  Of course, I run out to the pool deck to take in this artistic flare of recycled washing machine parts.  That’s right, this structure was created by Mexican artisans utilizing materials from old washing machines!  The wind generates its movement, but a slight push on each of the moving pieces sends it into a metronome effect of motion.  It is mesmerizing and calming to the soul.  Each morning I sit outside with a cup of hot tea and just take in all that this sculpture means to me.  From the ingenious craftsmanship of the artist to the loving thought from which the gift was given.  The emotion from these thoughts is meditative.

One Degree of Change #15: Recycle Everything Possible!

In Lake county where I live, we have a great recycle program.  We get large wheeled bins that can be used to recycle cardboard, plastic, glass and aluminum.  Of course, we have two bins that we pack full each week.  We bring recyclables home from both the Eustis and Winter Park offices too.  There are two things that also need to be recycled, batteries and CFL bulbs.  Most people throw them out with their regular trash.

Batteries–  Home Depot has joined forces with a program called “Call2recycle“.  You can recycle old batteries, batteries from power tools and rechargeable batteries.  Many other stores have similar programs.  Stores such as Sears, Office Depot and Best Buy to name a few.  Keep your used batteries in a bag until it is full, then take them to a location near by to deposit them. Remember batteries contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and nickel. If batteries are improperly disposed they will contaminate the environment.  When incinerated, certain metals might be released into the air or can concentrate in the ash produced by the combustion process. Be part of the solution, not the problem!

Light bulbs– We have used the cheaper CFL (compact fluorescent light bulb) as an efficiency champ till we get over the sticker shock of the LED bulbs! Once again, check with your local retailers for recycle possibilities.  Home Depot also offers a bulb recycle program.  Store you bulbs in a five gallon PVC bucket with a lid or a cardboard box lined with plastic.  Remember CFL bulbs contain mercury.

So here is your call to action.  Go to this link: http://search.earth911.com/ and search your zip code to see where to recycle items that can’t and shouldn’t be thrown into your household garbage.  Make two containers: one for batteries and one for CFL bulbs and start collecting!

As the pendulums swing on my most thoughtful gift, my heart beats and gets filled with love from this very, special gift.

“Be” the One Degree of Change that you want to see!

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